The most important sectors of the local industry (food-products, textile, ready-made clothes, leather footwear goods, conversion of timber, etc.) has old tradition in this region and they hold today 65% from the global production of the city. Besides, machine industry has also an important role in the local economy.

Besides wood – and metallurgical industry there are several companies of light industry in the town.

The metallurgical plant sells semi – finished products abroad.
The timber industry produces only for export in the West- European countries.
The light industry factories use cheap manpower and produce mostly for abroad.Beside these there are several small private enterprises.
The three meat trade factories have almost become bankrupt, they are working at a minimal capacity.

The most important industrial units are: "Prodaliment" S.A., "Promesse", "Comtim", "Avicola", "Mobilsal S.A.", "Metalul Mesa S.A.", "Samix".