The agricultural area belongs to private agricultural companies, family associations and individual farmers. The most representative company is the "Agrinsal" S.A., specialized in zootechny, panification, transport and import-export.

Agricultural area per inhabitant: 0,85 ha
Destination of the agricultural areas:Plough-land 9313 ha
Grazing ground 5813 ha
Mowing ground 245 ha
Vine lands 51 ha
Orchards 18 ha
Forests 876, 83 ha
Livestock: 115 animals /100 ha
Average size of private farm lands: 3,41 ha
Average size of agricultural cooperatives: 528, 83 ha
Number of private/ family agricultural ventures: 2510 .

In agricultural sector animal husbandry holds 53.48%. The most wide-spread cultivated plants are: wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, sugar-beet, etc.