The most important educational institutions in the town:

The Theoretical High School (built in 1909)
The Agricultural High School (built in 1913)
The “Arany Janos” School (the “big school” built in 1847)
The school on the Tincii road (built in 1910)
The “ Gacso ” school (built in 1967)
The “Arany Janos” School (built in 1970)
The “ Peter ” school (built in 1997)
The “Snow White ”, the “Manocska ”, the “Rainbow ” kindergarten…
The Children's Club
T he kindergartens and nursery schools provide education and teaching for 723 children, due to 43 nursery – school teachers.1100 primary and secondary school pupils are taught in 40 classrooms, thanks to 80 teachers. 90 teachers in 50 classrooms teach 1500 high school students.The branch sections of the ” Agricultural University of Timisoara” and the ”Vasile Goldis University of Arad” provide higher education.